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The Past Meets The Present With L.A. Guns New Record “The Missing Peace”

In their first effort since the 2012 release “Hollywood Forever”  and first record with new music from  Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns together since “Waking The Dead” in 2002, L.A. GUNS are back with a brand new album called “The Missing Peace”.

The album, which features Michael Grant (ENDEVERAFTER), Johnny Martin (ADLER), and Shane Fitzgibbon was released on October 13th via Frontier Records and is a shot in the ass of old school, sleazy, Sunset Strip rock n roll.

Tracii Guns revealed in a 2015 appearance on Another FN Podcast With Izzy Presley that he and Phil Lewis were working on new material but at that time it was not known what it would be used for.

“There’s all kinds of possibilities. But the reality of any type of what Phil and I would call an L.A. GUNS ‘reunion,’ that probably won’t ever happen. But there’s a good chance that you’ll see even possibly new music from Phil and I. Certainly, at some point, as long as we’re living, we’ll definitely be on stage again at some point together.”  Guns said.

What a difference a year makes because in 2016 the current lineup played at Sirius/XM’s Hair Nation Fest in Irvine, California, and a year out from that there have been months of touring as L.A. Guns and now a new L.A. Guns record featuring Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns.

The record itself is what you would expect from a effort between Lewis and Guns.  Tracii’s tone and licks combined with Phil Lewis’ vocals is the true sound of L.A. Guns and combined with the prowess of Grant, Martin, and Fitzgibbon, you are left with a record that sounds like it could have followed up 1989’s “Cocked & Loaded”.

In a recent appearance on Another FN Podcast, Martin, the band’s bass player talked about what was then an upcoming release. 

“It’s a fresh thing”, Martin replied, “You have Phil and Tracii together, you’re gonna get that sound regardless. But we have three new guys as kind of a fresh…we’re all songwriters.”

He continued, “We had our first official show with Phil at the Hair Nation Festival, that was September of last year. Everything went great. And then we waited, you know Tracii got some songs together, we all got songs together…everybody wrote something on this record, if not everything, together”.

As a fan, I highly recommend this record.  As a critic?  I highly recommend this record.

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