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In the early ’90s, Michael Brandvold launched the fifth ever website on the Internet devoted to KISS, KISS Otaku. He was the first to build, launch and maintain Kissonline.com (KISS’ official web presence).   Michael is also the owner of Michael Brandvold Marketing and authored the book “KISS School Of Marketing: 11 Lessons I Learned While Working With KISS”.

Mitch Lafon, a renowned rock journalist, first interviewed Gene Simmons in June 1980 at age 11 and has since interviewed nearly all current and past members of KISS (many more than once). In 2013, he  organized, produced and released the ‘A WORLD WITH HEROES’ – KISS TRIBUTE for cancer care (available worldwide on iTunes).

Tommy Sommers has spent many years on the record show circuit selling memorabilia and meeting many KISS fans.

Three Sides Of The Coin

Since launching a year ago Three Sides of the Coin has been viewed or listened to over 200,000 times. In the last year, Three Sides of the Coin has been joined by special guests including former KISS lead guitarist Bruce Kulick, the Black Veil Brides’ Andy BiersackFrank Munoz associate producer for Ace Frehley’s Anomaly album, award winning songwriter Adam MitchellEd Kanon (Peter Criss‘ drum tech),  and Kevin Valentine (drummer on KISS’ Psycho Circus album). Three Sides of the Coin was recently picked (October 2013) as a ‘What’s Hot’ podcast by Apple’s iTunes.

It’s only our opinion… it’s neither right nor wrong.

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***Three Sides Of The Coin is unofficial & unsanctioned and has no affiliation with the band KISS.***

Dropping The Needle

Dropping The Needle is hosted by Michael Brandvold, Tommy Sommers, and Mitch Lafon, and features the guys talking about music.  No ass kissing, no BS, just strait forward conversations about music.

Originally hosted by Michael and Mitch, the show featured interviews with the likes of Udo Dirkschnieder (former Accept lead vocalist), Rachel Bolan (Skid Row), Todd Howarth (former Frehley’s Comet), Geoff Tate (Former Queensrÿche), and many more.

Dropping The Needle relaunched with Tommy joining the crew in February of 2014 with the return episode covering the Mötley Crüe Final Tour.

Website: www.droppingtheneedle.com

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzDMG2H31uyZm_rwaHEn7Xz7Y4JUCRM_y

Stitcher: www.stitcher.com/podcast/dropping-the-needle

iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/michael-brandvold-marketing/id520272541


<Worked with once and hope to work with again in the future>

The Oddfathers are thenext big thing to come out of Minneapolis.  They are made up of Brynn Arens (Former FLIPP frontman, Obsession, Funhouse) on guitar and vocals, Kryss Baratto (Great White, Samantha 7) on bass and vocals, Casey Gooby on guitar and vocals, and Tom Cook on drums and vocals.

The collaborative effort of these Minneapolis all-stars who have all had verying levels of success in the industry, created this ultimate rock and roll experience.

The band recorded 17 songs for their debut record.  It was recorded live in the studio, on 2 inch tape with no punch ins and no headphones.  They litterally had moniters set up in the studio as they were recording.

Their EP Double Live 45 will contain four of the recorded tracks including the single “Another Tear Goes Dry” and will be released on November 20th at their show at Pioneer Place Theater in St. Cloud, MN.


A Tribute to 80’s Rock Legends

Hairball is the world’s ultimate “80’s Rock” impersonation act, recreating the good-time party atmosphere of the decadent decade with unmatched authenticity.

Hairball’s unique dual frontman assault, featuring veteran vocalists Bobby Jensen, Kris Voxx, and Joe Dandy sets them apart from all other “80’s” tributes. They cop the personas of the era’s legendary frontmen while rapidly changing elaborate costumes, then complete their transformations with dead-on visual and vocal performances. They alternate their stage time, bringing new characters to the stage every 5 to 10 minutes! For instance, while Bob has fans questioning whether or not he really is Paul Stanley from KISS, Kris is backstage preparing for his insanely accurate Twisted Sister spot. This relentless, rapid-fire style is constant, enabling Hairball to represent more than 20 of the “80’s” biggest and most colorful rock ‘n roll superheroes! You’re not going to find Guns ‘n Roses, Whitesnake, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Ozzy, AC/DC, Journey, Poison and more on the same bill anywhere else!

The core of Hairball consists of guitarist Happy, bassist Freaky and drummer Colt Python, all of whom are legitimate rockstars in their own right. Their musicianship and ability to perform on an international level makes kids want to learn how to play, while the guys that know how to play…want to quit. Along with their enormous backline of amplifiers and mammoth drums, these guys outgun everybody in every department.

DO NOT miss Hairball, the most exciting re-creation of the greatest era in rock history!


Shannon McDonough began her performance career with dance classes at Barbi Lee School of Dance when she was practically still in diapers. She discovered musical theatre as a freshman in high school and quickly got into plays and theatre classes. High school theatre then turned into community theatre which is where she played some of her favorite roles including: Corie Bratter (Barefoot in the Park), Mollie Ralston (The Mousetrap), Jacqueline de Severac (Murder on the Nile) and Elvira (Blithe Spirit).

Shannon branched into film during her community theatre days, and has since played such leading roles as Julie Ann St. Marie-Jackson in It Came From Another World!, Terror From Beneath the Earth and Destination: Outer Space! and Dr. Stephanie Hacket in Attack of the Moon Zombies (www.sainteuphoria.com), Lindsey in Thieves Like Us (JC Films), Marnie Reese in Potpourri (www.restraininghollywood.com), Lois Lane in Superman: Final Moments (Sammy Sarzosa), Jolene in Stitches and Rebecca Darling in Bloodshed Love (Mason Makram).

Shannon has done several commercials as well, including Car Soup, Buffalo Wild Wings and the 2006 1st Place Grainbelt Beer commercial (Wingman’s MVP). She is currently cast slated to appear in several upcoming features and shorts.


A passionate lifelong Elvis fan! Anthony was born and raised in London, England.

An Elvis Tribute since the age of 16!

Traveling to many destinations across Europe’s Mediterranean to perform his award winning Elvis show- including Spain, Tenerife, Cyprus, Germany and France, Anthony honed his skills in Salou, Spain working for an entertainment company (RJP Entertainment), performing over 700 shows a year! (Yes over 700!!) Anthony is a passionate entertainer and has a vocal ability that is second to none in the Elvis world! Anthony is hardworking and very approachable (as those of you that have met him will already know). Anthony’s stage demeanor is always respectful to Elvis! Anthony is funny, charismatic and charming and always endeavors to win the hearts of his audience.

Anthony is only one of the few Elvis Tribute Artists in the world to have been able to sustain a full time career performing as Elvis.

Anthony considers it an honor to be able to do what he does best and to meet all of the fantastic people over the world…..Here’s to many more years!

Anthony now resides in The United States Of America and his story has just begun!




Greg Sain is an online home based business owner, author, and marketing consultant, and he knows firsthand the ins and outs of what it takes to start and run a successful business.

Greg Sain is also an affiliate and provides professional affiliate marketing advice.



Adam Muskiewicz is a writer, actor and filmmaker who works hard to entertain and inspire. With limited resources, he has developed many conceptual films and books. He is still seeking to produce his first dramatic feature film, a project entitled Spite.

His most noted project is the documentary The Truth About Elvis which looks at both sides of the conspiracy surrounding the death of Elvis Presley. He worked with Warren Zide (American Pie, Final Destination) and Dan Bliss (Ceo/Founder of PerfectBusiness.com) on the project.

He has also written the books Youre Probably a Bad Person if, 101 Reasons why Christmas Gets on my Nerves, The Snuggle Sutra, and Why do People Put The Couch to the Road With No Cushions? along with a musical comedic script called Cock Tales. That is a male version of The Vagina Monologues.

His current project is an E-Book called He Looks Cooler in Black: The Case for LeBron. It is a Cleveland Cavaliers fan point of view of why LeBron James made the right decision to leave for Miami.