LMP @ Fine Line

By Izzy Presley

Living under the musical shadow of a successful parent is not easy due to three things; expectations, expectations, and expectations. Now, imagine said parent being The King of Rock and Roll.

Lisa Marie Presley has returned with a new record called Storm and Grace and is now on a tour taking her across the United States, and that tour stopped in Minneapolis on June 19th.

Lisa Marie and her band fought through some technical difficulties to put on a great set at the Fine Line Music Café.  She plowed through a laid back set of music that was all her own (with the exception of one cover song during her encore) and a show that was all her own.

The music had the overtones of a Chris Isaak record featuring Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star on lead vocals.  Slow and melodic with a lot of tasty steel guitar beneath Presley’s low key vocals made for a nice change of pace for a guy who is used to Les Pauls through Marshalls on eleven.

Not a single mention of her father or his music during the set made for a night that was all about her, which it should have been.  Only her resemblance, some mannerisms, and a single “thank you, thanks a lot” (which sounded like she caught her self saying “thank you, thank you very much”) were the only Elvis overtones of the night.

The song Lisa Marie and her band covered for the encore?  Tom Petty’s “I Need To Know”, which they rocked out nicely.

Storm and Grace is available now featuring the first single “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet” and my personal favorite on the record, “Over Me”.

While the King will always live on in our hearts and record players, it is now the Princess’s time to shine.

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Lisa Marie Presley @ The Fine Line Music Cafe