18 Dec 2013


By Izzy Presleykiss classico

Well, I have had time to simmer down from my fbomb filled tirade on the latest episode of “Another FN Podcast W/Izzy Presley” after getting the news of KISS’ acceptance into The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. After hearing today’s (12/17/13) responses from various members of the band, my nerves have been calmed and I am ready to rationally reflect on what I am quoted as saying would be “another Van Halen/GNR drama”.

The way it is sounding is that the Hall is inducting the original line up of the band, which is the way it should be. All the respect in the world to Eric Carr, Bruce Kulick, and Eric Singer…hell, even Vinnie Vincent on their contributions to the band that changed my life when I was five years old, but the originals is where it is at. The current state of the band is about the characters and the visual as compared to the way it started which was about a kick ass rock and roll show with a bad ass soundtrack to boot.

It was about the four guys playing the characters, not the characters themselves. It was about the guys that created those characters that shaped our childhoods. It was about Ace Frehley, Peter Criss, Gene Simmons, and Paul Stanley.

My non-kid friendly rant brought up a lot of “what ifs” concerning the induction ceremony and a lot of hate toward the two founding members who have been with the band since the inception (Gene & Paul); from the good to the bad and the highs to the lows, and they have every right to do what they will with the brand they created. It is their product and it is theirs to make the descisions be it right or wrong in the eyes of us fans, the KISS Army.

I got worked up because I was and still am afraid of the possibility of the other two original members (Ace & Peter) not being on stage performing the songs that us fans fell in love with as one unit, as the four founding members, one last time.

Gene told Rolling Stone Magazine that of course he would be open to Ace and Peter playing with them and Ace told that same corporate schill of a magazine that he would also love to do that.

Paul posted on his Facebook page that “We just spoke to Peter. Whatever ongoing issues, no way not to share in celebrating what we started 40 years ago.” I can only assume the same conversation was had with Ace Frehley.

The band, the original four, have always said they were like brothers, and they were family, and that families fight, but in the end they are still family. In so many words I challenged Gene and Paul to put their money where their mouths are in the time where it means the most; the biggest honor of their career.

It looks as if that is what is going to happen and as a fan I feel more at ease with this than I ever have. I am not alone in wanting them to play with the original band one last time on that stage in Brooklyn, then announce that it’s the end. Say they have done everything they have ever wanted cover_KISS_demoto do as a band. Then gracefully hang up the cod pieces, put the 7 inch platforms in the closet, wash off the grease paint, and move on to do whatever they want to do. It is time for them all to say goodbye to KISS. Unfortunately that will not happen.

Too much money is at stake and as much as us old school fans cry for it to be over and try to make our voices heard about how we feel, ultimately it is up to the two guys in charge; Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. All of that aside, I, at this time, feel content. I feel at ease. I feel a calmness surrounding what will happen in the spring of 2014.

As a fan, I am flying my flag high and wearing my colors loudly and proudly as a member of the KISS Army, but I won’t be completely cathartic until that spring day in 2014 is over and I see the 4 men on stage together; Ace Frehley, Peter Criss, Paul Stanley, and Gene Simmons, together as a band, together as one, blowing the fucking roof off of that stuffy hall that ignored them until they could not be ignored no more. That ignored them until we, the KISS Army, gave them the “FUCK YOU” that they were avoiding for 15 long years.

On April 10th, in Brooklyn, NY, WE, the KISS Army, the ones who have stood by our favorite band through the good times and the bad, did what Rolling Stone Magazine and the board members of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame never wanted to see happen. WE got our heroes in. It is because of US that KISS is in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

I do not own, NOR claim to own or have any rights to the two photos used in this article.

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14 Dec 2013



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11 Dec 2013

Episode V Of Another FN Podcast Has Been Posted

Here is the youtube link for Episode V of Another FN Podcast.  This episode features Minneapolis based LA Madness as they stopped by the Hurt Locker to join the podcast.

Another FN Podcast Episode V featuring LA Madness

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26 Oct 2013



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23 Oct 2013


For Immediate Release
Oct 23, 2013
For the past couple years, Izzy Presley Productions has been striving to serve our clients the best that we possibly can and now we are excited to announce that we are moving forward as a company while still providing PR/Media Relations to our clients.
Starting November 7th, there will be a nationally syndicated radio show called “Under The Covers with Izzy Presley”.  The show will be a hour long, weekly show playing rock & hard rock bands playing cover songs i.e. Mötorhead playing Ted Nugent’s “Cat Scratch Fever”or Mötley Crüe covering Brownsville Station’s “Smokin’ in the Boys Room” to give two examples. 
The show will offer insight to the songs & bands, music news, interviews, specials honoring bands and artists, and an “I Did Not Know That” segment featuring songs that people did not know were covers (Tesla “Little Suzi” for example).
Also starting Monday November 4th, there will be a weekly podcast called “Another F’N Podcast” which will be hosted by Izzy Presley talking pop culture, music, sports, headlines, and guests.
We will be also offering the following services:
– Voice Over
– Radio Advertising Production
An “Under the Covers” promo package will be available soon for program and music directors and voice/ad samples will also be available.
Izzy Presley Productions is growing and we look forward to moving into the future with out new ventures.
Izzy Presley
Owner/Principle Partner
Izzy Presley Productions
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21 Aug 2013

Izzy Presley Productions Goes Hollywood

August 20th, 2013

For Immediate Release:

St. Cloud, MN: Izzy Presley Productions is relocating from St. Cloud, MN to Hollywood, CA.  This long planned move is finally taking place to not only increase opportunities for the business, but also grow it into other areas of entertainment.

On top of the PR/Media Relations aspect of the business, we will also be venturing into the real of movies, and podcasts, along with a syndicated radio show that is in the works.

You can help to ensure the success of the business by donating to the Fund Anything Campaign that we started a couple weeks ago.

You can contribute by using this link:

The funding will be used to help with rent on the apartment that will be used as an office along with a new computer that is desperately needed due to the age and condition of the current device.  It will also be used for equipment for media projects along with the software that is needed.

Thank you for your support!

Izzy Presley

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21 Aug 2013

Hairball Releases Slave Raider Classic as First Single

Minneapolis, MN
August 1st, 2013


HAIRBALL releases first single, “Make Some Noise.”


Hairball steps out from under the covers (sort of) with the release of their first single, “Make Some Noise”, which is now available at iTunes, CD Baby and all other major digital music outlets.

Hairball is on tour right now celebrating their 13th year as one of the biggest acts in the Midwest. “A Bombastic Celebration of Arena Rock” is a tag the band uses to separate them from the countless ’80s “tribute bands” that litter the land. Hairball is a two-decade long, traveling party with more hairspray, make-up, costumes, leather, lights, sound, smoke, pyro, bombs than most of the acts they represent – such as KISS, Motley Crue, Van Halen, Queen, Journey and Ozzy to name a few.

The band recently played a show in Sioux Falls, SD with Ratt’s, Stephen Pearcy, KISS’s, Gene Simmons and Motley Crue’s Vince Neil raising 1.3 million dollars for The Brennan Rock & Roll Academy, which provides rehearsal and recording studios for kids.

Before heading out on their summer tour, which included four sold-out nights at Easyrider’s Saloon during the 2013 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and two nights at the Iowa State Fair in front of tens of thousands of fans but before they head to London in September the band was itching to get into the recording studio and start working on their own material. Why? Why not!?

Lead guitarist Happy explains the background of the recording: “All six of us in Hairball really dig being in the studio. It’s been a part of the plan since the beginning of the band but time gets by you when you’re havin’ a party like we’ve been having! We finally decided to push some time aside to cut a couple demos, and then go into a “real” studio and cut a song. If nothing else, we’d have a great time!”

Bassist Freaky continues, “We thought a great way for the band to get its feet wet in the studio would be to record a cover song-to find some great headbangin’ classic and put our own snot on it.”

Make Some Noise was the first single off Minneapolis glam rock legend Slave Raiders’ 1988 Jive Records debut album Take The World By Storm. The new version features one of Hairball’s dynamic three frontmen, Kris Vox on vocals.

Kris: “We were discussing as a band who would sing our first “single”. Of course we ultimately plan to do much more recording that will feature Bob and Joe as well, but when Happy mentioned Make Some Noise, I was all over it!”

The founder of Slave Raider, Chainsaw Caine is the creator/manager of Hairball, and comments “When they asked me about the song, I said ‘Why not?’ It was a great song then, and it’s a great song now. I think Kris did a very cool job interpreting my version and sticking his own style and melody in there. The spirit of the song has remained intact. That was a must!”

Recording and mastering of the track was completed this summer at The Terrarium studios in Minneapolis, Minnesota by Rob Oesterlin and Dave Gardner respectively. “Make Some Noise” is available in two versions; the single version and the extended “live” alternate ending version.

Hairball fans can get their hands on the “Make Some Noise” single right now on CD Baby or iTunes. A video is coming soon. Check for information on how you can be in the new video!

Via Hairball Online

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11 May 2013

Elvis Tribute Artist Anthony Shore @ Pioneer Place on 5th in St. Cloud September 12th & 13th

ant hollywood High Res Sm

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10 May 2013

Dirtee Circus Unplugged with Izzy Presley – Thursday May 16th @ Keller Bar in St. Cloud

izzy circus sm

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02 Apr 2013


By Izzy Presley

Sioux Falls, S.D. – Saturday night was the grand finale of a week of rock and roll celebration in Sioux Falls, honoring the grand opening of The Brennan Rock And Roll Academy for the Sioux Falls Boys and Girls Club.  Starting on Wednesday, the performances included Night Ranger, Alice Cooper, Louie Anderson, and George Lopez, leading up to the final night with the Arena Rock tribute show of Hairball.


It was advertised that Mötley Crüe singer Vince Neil and RATT front man Stephen Pearcy would be performing songs of their respective bands with Hairball, which they did.  Neil sang “Girls, Girls, Girls”, “Dr. Feelgood”, and “Livewire”while Pearcy performed “You’re in Love”, “Lay It Down” and “Round and Round”.  What people didn’t know about was the special surprise guest.

Chuck Brennan surprised everybody when he brought to the stage none other than the God of Thunder himself, Gene Simmons of KISS.

Simmons joined the band for renditions of the KISS classics “Deuce”, “Rock and Roll All night”, and “Cold Gin”.

Hairball’s bass player, Freaky said “I have met the man a few times, but playing “Deuce”, “Cold Gin”, and “Rock and Roll All Night” with him leaves me speechless, really.  He is the reason I do what I do.”

“He reached around me and played my bass, and gave me a big, sweaty, man hug.  Literally, a dream realized” he continued.

All in all, it was an event for charity and for helping kids. Simmons told the Associate Press, “This is about kids. We’ve had our chance. We’ve got to give them a chance. Anything that gets them off the street is a good thing”.

The Brennan Rock And Roll Academy gives kids the opportunity to not only learn how to play instruments, but perform as a band and even record their own music. To learn more about the academy or contribute, please visit

For more information on the bombastic tribute to arena rock known as Hairball, visit

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