13 Oct 2017

The Past Meets The Present With L.A. Guns New Record “The Missing Peace”

In their first effort since the 2012 release “Hollywood Forever”  and first record with new music from  Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns together since “Waking The Dead” in 2002, L.A. GUNS are back with a brand new album called “The Missing Peace”.

The album, which features Michael Grant (ENDEVERAFTER), Johnny Martin (ADLER), and Shane Fitzgibbon was released on October 13th via Frontier Records and is a shot in the ass of old school, sleazy, Sunset Strip rock n roll.

Tracii Guns revealed in a 2015 appearance on Another FN Podcast With Izzy Presley that he and Phil Lewis were working on new material but at that time it was not known what it would be used for.

“There’s all kinds of possibilities. But the reality of any type of what Phil and I would call an L.A. GUNS ‘reunion,’ that probably won’t ever happen. But there’s a good chance that you’ll see even possibly new music from Phil and I. Certainly, at some point, as long as we’re living, we’ll definitely be on stage again at some point together.”  Guns said.

What a difference a year makes because in 2016 the current lineup played at Sirius/XM’s Hair Nation Fest in Irvine, California, and a year out from that there have been months of touring as L.A. Guns and now a new L.A. Guns record featuring Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns.

The record itself is what you would expect from a effort between Lewis and Guns.  Tracii’s tone and licks combined with Phil Lewis’ vocals is the true sound of L.A. Guns and combined with the prowess of Grant, Martin, and Fitzgibbon, you are left with a record that sounds like it could have followed up 1989’s “Cocked & Loaded”.

In a recent appearance on Another FN Podcast, Martin, the band’s bass player talked about what was then an upcoming release. 

“It’s a fresh thing”, Martin replied, “You have Phil and Tracii together, you’re gonna get that sound regardless. But we have three new guys as kind of a fresh…we’re all songwriters.”

He continued, “We had our first official show with Phil at the Hair Nation Festival, that was September of last year. Everything went great. And then we waited, you know Tracii got some songs together, we all got songs together…everybody wrote something on this record, if not everything, together”.

As a fan, I highly recommend this record.  As a critic?  I highly recommend this record.

L.A. Guns LINKS:

12 Aug 2017

Scotti Hill Puts Skid Row/Sebastian Bach Reunion Hopes To Rest

     Scotti Hill of Skid Row joined the August 7th episode of Another FN Podcast to tell stories about his youth, learning to play guitar, how Skid Row got together, Dimebag Darrell, the KISS Farewell Tour, and more, but eventually the elephant in the room made itself known and the topic of Sebastian Bach and any chance of a reunion came up. 

     It had been rumored for years that the reason Bach was relieved of his duties fronting the band had to do with the fact that Skid Row turned down the KISS Reunion Tour in 1996.  Hill confirmed this with a story that he doesn’t think had ever been told.

     “That caused a giant uproar is what it did and he did something to Snake Sabo that was unacceptable.  He called Snake on Thanksgiving and said some horrible things into his answering machine and Snake said ‘you know what? I’m not going to be in a band with you anymore’.   It’s as simple as that.”

     Replacing a guy with the talents of Sebastian Bach was not easy.  He remembers when that came up after a long vacation from anything Skid Row and remembers thinking about how the fans would freak out and the road back to where they are now was not an easy one.

     “We did that KISS (Farewell) tour and that was a 140 something shows, of all of which I watched, and after that it was a battle to get to where we’re at now” he said.

     For the past couple of years rumors have been circulating of a possible reunion of the Skids and their former front man but once and for all, any chance of that happening has been laid to rest.

     “That door is closed.  There was talk about it, the two camps went back and forth and it was not to happen so that door is now shut” Hill said.

     When asked if that meant forever and that was the last nail in the coffin of any Skid Row/Sebastian Bach reunion, he responded, “Yeah.  I believe so.  I tell you what, our singer, ZP Theart…just call him ZP.  He’s a brother.  He’s a great fucking singer, he’s a great front man, he’s a guy I look forward to seeing, a guy I look forward to hanging out with.  We trust him with the band that we’ve been in all this time and that is precious to us.  We can go out and play and enjoy ourselves.”

     Of course it is something the fans want to see.  Fans wax nostalgic about the originals that created the magic being on stage together, but as we all know in this crazy rock n roll world isn’t always the fairy tale that we wish it could be.  How did Hill respond about doing it for the fans?

     “Not at the expense of my happiness, no. I’m sorry.  It ain’t fucking happening.

     We appreciate fans, we do.  We’re probably the most fan friendly band you will every meet.  We will go out in the cold, we’ll hang out with them, but what we won’t do is put ourselves in a volatile situation and be unhappy and destroy what we have now”.

     While shutting down any hope the fans may have of a reunion ever happening, he did have this to say about Bach, “He’s not a rockstar, he’s a superstar.  He’s great.  I’ll speak for myself.  He is a guy who will cut his own throat to do a good show.  He puts it all out there.  He’s a great singer and a great front man; one of the all time greats, but we’re not working together.  To replace a guy like that? You realize what you’re up against. The records he did with Skid Row were great and he was a huge part of that.

     Everybody is like “oh we’re on Skid Row’s side” or “we’re on Sebastian’s side”.  No.  You gotta be on the side of rock and roll.  When Sebastian plays in your town, go see him, because he’s great.  When Skid Row plays in your town, go see em, because I’m great (laughs), no because we will fucking blow your ass away”.

     The Skids are currently in the process of writing and demoing new songs for an upcoming record featuring ZP Theart on vocals.  No time frame has been given for the release.

12 Aug 2017

Barbwire Dolls – “Rub My Mind” Review


Barb Wire Dolls // Rub My Mind – by Jaide Soto


I have never sat down to write a review and had a more difficult time articulating my thoughts in the last
two years than I did with the Barb Wire Dolls latest release ‘Rub My Mind’. I think the reason I am so
boggled by this record is because I went into it expecting more punk rock than the album contained.
Being very unfamiliar with the band, all I knew about them is what I’ve seen and heard- which was that
they’re a garage punk type band which I was so interested in hearing. As a huge old-school punk and
hardcore fan, I was hoping to hear some of those influences laced throughout the album, but what I
ended up hearing was a few punk rock songs thrown into what’s probably best categorized as a good old
rock and roll record. Different than what I expected, but good for what it’s worth.
The Barb Wire Dolls, on this album at least, can be described as a melting pot of numerous musical
styles but my initial thought was ‘the Go-Go’s mixed with Green Day’. The female vocals mixed with the
occasional poppy, bouncy beat make for some really catchy choruses that’ll without question have
crowds singing along. The first track that stood out to me was “We Are The Champions”- most likely
because it was the first track with a really punky, in your face type of sound which is what I came to the
album in search of. It’s fairly repetitive which some may view as a negative, however punk rock legends
the Misfits staple track “We Are 138” literally repeats the title phrase for the majority of the song.
Sometimes repetitive works and this is one of the cases where it does. Another standout track is
“Contract” which again, delivers a hard hitting dose of rock and roll and is a sound I can stand behind.
“Contract” steps a little outside of the box with its lyrics and delivery which is exactly what this album
needed. A majority of the tracks feature really light and airy vocals, and considering the theme of the
album being fairly politically driven, I would except each word to be spit at me with a fiery amount of
force, not rocking me asleep like a lullaby. Be the light and airy vocals not my cup of tea, the vocals are
good vocals nonetheless. Same thing applies to the rhythm section- the guitar is fierce and the solos are
exceptional at times, the bass is apparent and adds some groove to the tracks while the percussion is
simple yet pounding when they want to be. I wish every track was as out there as “Contract”…now that
would make a kick ass modern day punk rock record. ‘Rub My Mind’ has good intentions and delivers in
some aspects, but more than anything is lacking that extra ‘umph!’ to really express the themes that
they’re trying to convey.

“Rub My Mind” is available on CD, Vinyl, and iTunes

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23 Jul 2017

Another FN Podcast LIVE From The Other Door

Come join the live studio audience as Another FN Podcast broadcasts live from The Other Door in North Hollywood.

The guest will be the one and only Bruce Kulick along with his wife Lisa Lane Kulick.

The show will be broadcast live via Spreaker at so don’t miss out on your chance be be there for this fun event. If it works we will do it once a month like this.

My co host/2nd mic will be Metal DJ Will William Howell



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19 Jul 2017



Johny Martin, bass player for LA Guns joined the Monday August 17th edition of Another FN Podcast With Izzy Presley along with Barry Pointer of The Anatomy.  They were talking The Anatomy and Soundcheck Live, the new LA Guns single, “Speed”, their upcoming record, touring with this version of the band, Michael Grant and TRACII GUNS complimenting either others playing, the Adrenaline Mob tragedy, and had a call in from Ace Von Johnson of Faster Pussycat who is currently out on the road.

Martin, who is close friends with Adrenaline Mob tour manager Janet Reigns said “One of my dear friends”, “she’s in critical condition. I heard that things are getting better, that they got the smoke out of her lungs- she’s also a singer, they said that she’d be able to sing again. I don’t know exactly what’s going on, I don’t know if she’s in a coma or what but things are getting progressively better within the past couple of days. So we’re just praying for her and everyone involved.”

He continued, “It was very vauge, the info that I got. I know everybody’s gotta be clamering to get information from people closest to her but what I heard was from the neck up she’s not badly burned but chest and back I believe is…it got the worst of it. That’s what I’ve heard.”

LA Guns have just gotten off the road and are amping up for another run to take them into August before they take a break leading into the release of the brand new record on October 13th.  There may be some things here and there between then but they are trying not to oversaturate until the album drops.  The first single, called “Speed” has just been released along with a video for it.

The album started being recorded in late 2016/early 2017 and was a true group effort with everybody contributing.

“What had happened was we had our first official show with Phil at the Hair Nation Festival, that was September of last year. Everything went great. And then we waited, you know Tracii got some songs together, we all got songs together…everybody wrote something on this record, if not everything, together. And the we, Tracii and Shane, the drummer, Shane Fitzgibbon, they laid down the basic tracks probably in I wanna say December/January. And then the rest of us went in and cut everything and then we finished it mid-March I believe. You know, a few tweaks here and there. Gave it to the label, see what they had to think and you know, had to say about it. Brought it back, we had a few things we wanted to change and yeah, it’s submitted to the label” Martin said.

Martin gave us a little preview of some other tracks (not on the show so don’t get all excited) but also played a couple tracks for Barry Pointer on the ride over.

“Johnny played a song for me in the car on the way over here and I totally hear this grinding punk thing underneath it, it’s cool”, Pointer commented.

““It’s a fresh thing”, Martin replied, “You have Phil and Tracii together, you’re gonna get that sound regardless. But we have three new guys as kind of a fresh…we’re all songwriters.”

When asked how it is playing with Tracii and Phil together, Martin said ““Since our first show in September, that love is still as genuine as it was back then- now”.

“They have a great chemistry together, it’s like a lot of people are like ‘I guess they’re doing it for the buck’- well yeah, we’ve gotta make a living. But Phil and Tracii are genuinely happy together. You see that on stage, you know. They look like Joe Perry and Steven Tyler, you know, sharing the mic at times. And with the chemistry of Mike and Tracii it’s just phenomenal. You have two different types of guitar players, but two amazing guitar players and it works.”

Martin also commented on the feeling of doing it now compared to that 1st show in September, “It still kind of feels the same. I know what to expect out of it a little bit more, out of a show, but still the audience doesn’t ‘cause they’re seeing this for the first time in years. So that excitement, I’m still feeding off that from everywhere that we play.”

Another FN Podcast airs Monday nights via spreaker and is live.

Listen to the episode here:  


13 Mar 2017

“Who doesn’t love drinking, having fun, and f*cking hot chicks.”

By Annee Elizabeth

This week on Another FN Podcast was the fabulous and absolutely delicious porn star Aiden Ashley in the studio. At last months AVN Awards she was nominated for Best All Girl Performer Of The Year.  In previous years Aiden won the awards for Best Solo, Best Tease, and Best Movie. In the podcast, Aiden discussed her recent touring with bands such as Faster Pussycat working as a merchandise girl. Recently she just returned from her gig tour managing Andy Black.  As she said in the podcast “Music is my first love, but porn pays the bills.” 

At 19, Aiden moved to California for a college internship with a music licensing company. However, internships rarely pay anything. During a drunken Friday night discussion about other options for making money, a friend jokingly told Aiden she was not sexy enough to do porn. Being the firey woman she is, Aiden sent pictures of herself to the top porn producer in the industry. The next morning she had an interview and that Sunday she landed a shoot with Penthouse.

Aiden has been in the industry for 7 ½ years. In 2016 Proposition 60 was introduced stating: “Adult film performers are required to use condoms during filming of sexual intercourse. Producers are required to pay for performer vaccinations, testing, and medical exams. Producers are required to post condom requirements at film sites…” Not only did this law require the use of condoms during filming, but it also required the performers to register their legal names, addresses, and phone numbers, which would be easily accessible to the public, violating the privacy rights of the performers. Aiden, along with friends in both the porn and music industry promoted against Prop 60 and thankfully it was rejected in the November 8, 2016 election.

Aiden works year round. When she is not out on the road with a band (usually 10 months out of the year) she’s filming. She shares several exciting stories both from the road and the set. When asked if she had to pick one or the other, she said she would pick music. She will be home for a month before heading back out on the road. In the words of Aiden Ashley “Who doesn’t love drinking, having fun, and fucking hot chicks.”

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12 Mar 2016

Faster Pussycat Members Unleash on Stryper And Talk New Pussycat Record

AFPDONPUSSYCATDuring the live recording of Another FN Podcast With Izzy Presley on the Monsters Of Rock Cruise “Shredders From The Deep”, Faster Pussycat members Danny Nordahl and Chad Stewart talked about their distain for the band Stryper.

While picking on their friend Eddie Trunk along with his That Metal Show cohost and comedian Don Jamieson, they unleashed on Stryper.

Chad Stewart chimed in – “At least it’s not fucking Stryper, those fucking condescending fucks.”

“Stryper hates us. We don’t see eye to eye with Stryper” Stewart continued.

“Fuck Stryper. Stryper’s the worst piece of shit ever. They love jesus and dress like bumble bees. Am I the only one who see this as fucking horribly horrible? I really fucking hate Stryper, there is no way around it” Danny Nordahl said.

Stewart continued to tell the story about how Stryper was playing an acoustic set in Chicago with, as he put it, “that horrible singer from TNT (Tony Harnell)”. He recalled that John Corabi and himself decided to go play bass and drums with them after downing a bottle of Patron.

Stryper was doing Boston songs with Harnell because he and Michael Sweet had both fronted the band. Needless to say, the impromptu jam session did not go as planned.

“They did not find that amusing, strangely, I don’t understand why”, Stewart said.

Nordahl joked “Faster Pussycat just wrote a new Stryper record”.

Stewart added “It’s a Stryper Cover record”.

Don Jamieson coined it “To Hell With My Liver”.

During the 1st half of the show that featured Danny Nordahl being Danny, he did talk about the new Pussycat EP that is slated to come out.

“We got so many punk rock cover songs. I hate Faster Pussycat (joking of course) but this is gonna be the best record they ever made. Really, it’s good. It’s legit.”

When I asked him when it would be out, he simply said, “How the fuck would I know, I don’t even know what month it is”.

When asked about their partying reputation, Stewart said that Night Ranger has them beat.

“Night Ranger is the most evil band ever” Stewart said. “Ranger Danger, that’s for real. You think we fucking party? Hang out with Night Ranger. We’re nothing compared to Night Ranger. They’ve been partying for 60 fucking years. We got nothing on them.”

This is a can’t miss episode that is filled with drunken debauchery and off color humor and can be heard in it’s entirety right here.

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29 Dec 2015

Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister 1945-2015

As I sit here polishing off this bottle of Jack Daniels in the honor of the fallen Lemmy Kilmister, I had an epiphany.  While living with the realization that one of the guys we wanted to and tried so hard to believe was immortal has left us, let us embrace what he left us and the fact that he lived his life how he wanted to live his life.

I have never had the pleasure of meeting the man himself.  I have sat in his chair at The Rainbow Bar & Grill and been lucky enough to see Motörhead live, twice.  For that I am thankful.

LEMBW copy

Lemmy liked his whiskey, loved rock & roll music and whatever enhancers he felt fit.  He left us with a legacy of great music and a no holds barred outlook on the industry and life.  He did it the right way.  Lemmy will be missed but will never, ever be gone.

Today we lost a legend.  Today we lost Lemmy.

Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister 1945-2015

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12 Oct 2015

Michael Starr – Steel Panther: Tuesday October 13th


30 Sep 2015

Alex Kane from Richie Ramone/Life Sex & Death/Antiproduct with Ace Von Johnson of Faster Pussycat – Part 1

Alex Kane from Life Sex & Death, Antiproduct, and The Richie Ramone Band stops by to talk about LSD, growing up in Chicago, being a vegetarian, 80’s singers, and Stanley from LSD not being homeless.

Then Ace Von Johnson from Faster Pussycat swings in and the party ensues.

Part 2 will be uploaded next Tuesday.


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