I already know your first instinct; “Izzy, you are friends with the band.  You are in a band with the bass player (Johnny Martin).  You consider Ace Von Johnson your best friend.  Tracii Guns thinks you are a swell guy.  Phil Lewis sometimes remembers who you are. Friend with now former drummer Shane Fitzgibbon (who played like a monster on this record).  You are going to kiss their ass in a love filled review.”  Well, let me go on the record to tell you that the reason I love this record is because it’s a great fucking record.

In the second offering from LA GUNS since Tracii Guns came home, the band kicks it up another notch above the previous release The Missing Peace.

The Missing Peace was a great album, but the brand new offering available worldwide on March 29, 2019, The Devil You Know is a step above it. From the very first listen I knew it was even better.

Left To Right – Ace Von Johnson, Shane Fitzgibbon (now former drummer), Phil Lewis, Tracii Guns, Johnny Martin

I had heard a couple tracks prior to the album being available for review and I knew right away I would love it.  The hard rock and punk roots of the band shine through from front to back.

Gone Honey has a hint of The Cult meets Blue Oyster Cult meets LA GUNS.  Needle To The Bone has a riff reminiscent of Freak by FLIPP before going in that classic LA GUNS mode.  Fucking beautiful.  

The first single and title track The Devil You Know is a great precursor to an album filled with the testicular fortitude that only the LA GUNS can bring.  But then again, when you have Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns together with Johnny Martin chiming in, how bad could it really be?  Your answer?  I can’t be bad.  I highly recommend The Devil You Know.

Track Listing:

  1. Rage
  2. Stay Away
  3. Loaded Bomb
  4. The Devil You Know
  5. Needle To The Bone
  6. Going High
  7. Gone Honey
  8. Don’t Need To Win
  9. Down That Hole
  10. Another Season In Hell