Barb Wire Dolls // Rub My Mind – by Jaide Soto


I have never sat down to write a review and had a more difficult time articulating my thoughts in the last
two years than I did with the Barb Wire Dolls latest release ‘Rub My Mind’. I think the reason I am so
boggled by this record is because I went into it expecting more punk rock than the album contained.
Being very unfamiliar with the band, all I knew about them is what I’ve seen and heard- which was that
they’re a garage punk type band which I was so interested in hearing. As a huge old-school punk and
hardcore fan, I was hoping to hear some of those influences laced throughout the album, but what I
ended up hearing was a few punk rock songs thrown into what’s probably best categorized as a good old
rock and roll record. Different than what I expected, but good for what it’s worth.
The Barb Wire Dolls, on this album at least, can be described as a melting pot of numerous musical
styles but my initial thought was ‘the Go-Go’s mixed with Green Day’. The female vocals mixed with the
occasional poppy, bouncy beat make for some really catchy choruses that’ll without question have
crowds singing along. The first track that stood out to me was “We Are The Champions”- most likely
because it was the first track with a really punky, in your face type of sound which is what I came to the
album in search of. It’s fairly repetitive which some may view as a negative, however punk rock legends
the Misfits staple track “We Are 138” literally repeats the title phrase for the majority of the song.
Sometimes repetitive works and this is one of the cases where it does. Another standout track is
“Contract” which again, delivers a hard hitting dose of rock and roll and is a sound I can stand behind.
“Contract” steps a little outside of the box with its lyrics and delivery which is exactly what this album
needed. A majority of the tracks feature really light and airy vocals, and considering the theme of the
album being fairly politically driven, I would except each word to be spit at me with a fiery amount of
force, not rocking me asleep like a lullaby. Be the light and airy vocals not my cup of tea, the vocals are
good vocals nonetheless. Same thing applies to the rhythm section- the guitar is fierce and the solos are
exceptional at times, the bass is apparent and adds some groove to the tracks while the percussion is
simple yet pounding when they want to be. I wish every track was as out there as “Contract”…now that
would make a kick ass modern day punk rock record. ‘Rub My Mind’ has good intentions and delivers in
some aspects, but more than anything is lacking that extra ‘umph!’ to really express the themes that
they’re trying to convey.

“Rub My Mind” is available on CD, Vinyl, and iTunes